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Electrician petrie

Your Electrician in Petrie

Welcome to Petrie Electrical Service, your home of a reliable electrician team which is capable of delivering quality electrical solutions in the Moreton Bay area. When you need professional and reliable electrical solutions, you can count on us every single time. Our team has the finest reputation anywhere in the region, currently supporting countless local residential and commercial clients each year. Everybody in town knows that they can count on us for services of the highest calibre, and you can bet that you can too. We are there whenever you need us to provide our expertise and customized solutions, for all sorts of needs. So, if there is anything you need at all in the way of electrics, you know we are always the ones that you need to call.

About Our Electrician

Since our inception, our electrician team has been at the forefront of our industry, delivering all local residents and companies exemplary electrical services. With greater experience and industry knowledge than any other local company can offer, we can do so much more for you and your electrics. We go above and beyond the regular call to action, providing the most comprehensive list of services anywhere around. That is why you know we will be there for you, no matter what it is you require.

Our Electrician Services

Our widely skilled electricians are the finest in the industry. You can count on us to provide for all your electrical needs, whether you are looking for a new installation, upgrade, repairs, replacements, or even emergency electrician services. There is nothing that we can do for you, regardless of whether you are looking for electrical services at home or in your place of work. Our licensed electricians will be there whenever called, to deliver precisely tailored services with the utmost efficacy, every time. So, give us a call about your needs today and find out for yourself what sets us apart from the rest.


Test and Tag Petrie

Here at Petrie Electrical Service, safety is everything. We believe that the best quality electrical systems are the safest and that is why test and tag services are among our most popular. We take security seriously, going to great lengths to produce the most meticulous and comprehensive electrical inspections whenever we are called. Therefore, the next time you need your electrical installations, appliances, or circuits assessed and tagged, make sure that you turn to our specialist electrician contractors.


Hot Water Repairs and Installations PETRIE

Our team also helps out our clients with hot water system installations and repairs, for all types of electrical systems. Having hot water in essential in every home and something that we simply cannot do without. That is why our team feels so dedicated to delivering our clients these fantastic services whenever we are called. Simply let us know whenever there is anything we can assist you with, with your hot water systems, and we would be glad to come along every time.


Stove Repairs and Installations PETRIE

Additionally, if you ever require assistance with your stove, cooker, or other kitchen appliances, you can bet that we are just as capable of helping you. At Petrie Electrical Service, we have plenty of expertise and experience to offer you in the installation, upkeep, and repair of your kitchen cooker. We work with all modern brands and manufacturers, meaning that you will always be able to count on us, no matter the issue. Therefore, the next time you feel there is anything we can do to assist with yours, do not hesitate to get in contact.


Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation PETRIE

All of us have been there at the height of the summer. When the sun is beating down and all you need is a cooling respite, you have no ceiling fan to rely on. Perhaps yours has broken down in recent weeks or maybe you simply do not have one installed yet. Either way, it can be unbearable. Our team knows that better than anyone else and that is why we are proud to say there is something we can do to help. All you need to do is give us a call and you could take advantage of one of our fantastic ceiling fan installation, maintenance, or repair solutions.


Installation PETRIE

Of course, if there is one type of electronic that you simply must have in your home, it is lighting. Today, where would we be without lighting? Something every single one of us chooses to make use of each day, they have become imperative to our lives. That is why there is no room to settle for mediocre quality or even no lighting at all. Instead, you need effective and dependable products, which you can count on at all times of the day. Luckily, our team can help deliver you just that through our widely trusted light installation solutions.


Smoke Alarm Maintenance and Installation PETRIE

And, if you are ever in need of any expert assistance with smoke alarm installation, maintenance, inspection, or repairs, rest assured that we are just as up to the task. All you need to do is give us a call whenever there is anything we can do to help with your smoke alarms and our team will be there every time.


Therefore, if you have been reading into any one of our services and feel as if there is anything we can do to help you, do not hesitate to let us know, now. Our team is always glad to help out another Petrie resident and that is why we can promise to be there for you whenever you need us.

“Petrie Electrical Service are the best electricians near me and have always been my first choice! You can always count on them for quality, customized electrical services for some of the best prices anywhere outside of Brisbane.” – Kathy J

“Without the help of Petrie Electrical Service, I never would have found such fine aesthetic lighting solutions to fit into my kitchen and around my patio. They were a huge help with the job and gave me a much lower quote than any other company I asked.” – Rachael M

“I’d gladly recommend the services of Petrie Electrical Service to anyone in town. Thanks to them, I always have a team I can count on whenever I need any electrical services. Their highly dependable, efficient, and never fail to come with a can-do attitude.” – Mitchell R