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Electrical Test and Tag Petrie

For us at Petrie Electrical Service, safety is everything. Our number one commitment to our clients is ensuring their security with their electrical appliances and systems. We want to make sure that whenever you go to use your electrical products. You can do so with complete confidence. That is why we are so glad to be able to offer our test and tag services. One of our most popular and widely trusted services currently on offer. And countless local residents and even businesses take advantage of our test and tag services each year. And, if you are looking for a reliable and reputable provider. Call Petrie Electrical Service for all your test and tag needs, you know that you can count on us, every time. 

Comprehensive Test and Tag Services 

Our team offers fully comprehensive test and tag solutions whenever we are called. Typically, this is done on a 3-monthly basis for businesses, factories, construction sites, and all other commercial bodies, while we recommend that our residential clients take advantage of such services at least once a year. When it comes to your safety using portable electronics, there simply is no room for error. So, we implore every one of our clients to contact us at the earliest possible convenience and capitalize on our specialist solutions. 

Meticulous Appliance Inspections 

While the vast majority of trained electricians can offer test and tag services, we can assure you that you’ll always be better off for choosing to work with us. That is because our team has a policy of absolute exactitude for all our inspection services. Being meticulous is in our nature and something we make sure we train every member of the crew to be, whenever they begin working with us. We adopt a systematic process with all our test and tag services, going deeper and being more thorough whenever we can. Therefore, whenever you choose to employ us, you know you immediately benefit from greater standards of safety and care. 

Licensed Electricians and Valid Tags 

Of course, for us to be able to offer these services, we must be fully licensed under the relevant Australian and Queensland state bodies and legislatures. Fortunately, every member of our crew, from top to bottom, can say just that. That means that whenever one of your portable appliances is tagged by us, it will be relevant and can be completely trusted, at all times. We wouldn’t settle for less as this would put our clients at direct risk – something which we simply will never do. 

Other Electrical Inspections and Emergency Services 

And, in addition to our test and tag services, we can offer comprehensive electrical inspection solutions and emergency services for all other electrical installations and circuits. While these may not require testing and tagging, this is just another commitment that our team takes towards our clients. Once again, your safety will always be our priority. So, if there is ever anything we can do to help ensure that, we would always be glad to do it.

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