Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation

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When the height of the summer rolls around. All of us know just how tough being inside the house can be. As temperatures soar our homes can become like a sauna. Which makes something as simple as sitting on the couch or lying in bed a real challenge. That is why things like ceiling fans can be essential inclusions to have around the house. Something that we think absolutely everybody should have is a ceiling fans. And they can offer some well-needed respite on those peak January and February days.

That is why we are proud to say that here at Petrie Electrical Service. We offer comprehensive services to our clients, to deliver just that. When you need new ceiling fan installations or repairs, we can promise to be there for you every time. Simply give us a call concerning your needs and we’ll be there with a tailored solution every time.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Our team has been installing new ceiling fans for many years now. Continuing to deliver our clients the highest quality, most modern products available on the market. We make sure that each can stay on top of the hot weather with the most functional systems around. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, functional, and long-lasting fixture for yourself. You know that we are always the best team to call. Take a look at our quality range of options and let us know. Which of our great ceiling fans is going to be right for you.

Repairs and Maintenance 

Or, if you have an old, faulty, or damaged ceiling fan installed that could use some tender loving care. You can always take advantage of our repair and maintenance services. Given that we have experience working with all contemporary fans down the years. You can bet that we have the skills and experience to restore yours. All you need to do is let us know what kind of issues yours is facing. And our team can come and deliver a tailored remedy that is bound to stand the test of time.


On the off chance that we are unable to deliver you an effective repair. Our team will always be glad to offer you a fully comprehensive replacement instead. We never want you to pay more than the fair amount for your fan restoration. So if the cost of repairs proves to be too great, we’ll always provide you with one of our modern replacements instead. Once again, just take a look from our quality catalogue of options. And we’ll gladly deliver you a ceiling fan that you can count on for many more summers to come.

Modern Products 

Here at Petrie Electrical Service, we want to ensure that every new product we provide to our clients is slated to last. That is why we only ever provide the most modern ceiling fan solutions we can when we are asked. Each of our fixtures is supplied to us by leading brand names and manufacturers. So you know that whenever you come to us for a new installation, it will always be state-of-the-art.

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